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Protect Your Privacy!!!

A new law in mid 2006 enables any member to obtain a list of all association members and their corresponding unit address and mailing address information. We at Elite Property Services believe that each member should protect this member information just as they should protect all of their other personal and financial information.

The law allows individuals (you) to 'opt out'. If you ‘opt out', then we will not provide information about you or your unit to the requesting member. We STRONGLY advise all members to 'opt out'.

If a member wishes to mail a document to all Association members in regards to Association business, we will cooperate with those requesting members by arranging for the mailing in a manner that protects all of your private information.
(CA Civil Code: 1365.2(A)(1)(I)(iii)

Association:      Name on Title:   
Street Number:      Street Name:   
City:      Account Number:   
Email Address:      Phone:   
Please Remove all persons associated with the address above from any and all documents that are provided to members requesting member rosters.   Check Here to Protect Your Privacy

Once you click the submit button, we will receive your 'Privacy Request'. You will receive an email notification verifying the data that you have submitted and indicating that it has been processed.

If a member wishes to contact all members regarding association business in the future, you will receive the notification from us and the requesting member will not have been provided any information regarding the ownership or mailing address of your lot.

Thank you for allowing us to assist you in this regard.

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